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YouTube’s new HTML5 Video Player for desktops with bigger and bolder icons


YouTube wants its users to try out a new video player that they have introduced, which utilizes HTML5. The new video player is said to bring a bolder appearance, better text, and a more improved visual experience. While the update is an interesting one, it is only available for select users who manage to make the necessary changes, and are using a Chrome browser. The concept of it is relatively simple; given that it will essentially make all videos and all interface on YouTube, feel more “mobile.”

That might be a turnoff for some users, but at the end of the day it’s the popular direction that most interfaces online are going. Whether it’s to streamline the delivery of whatever media is being brought, or to simply eliminate the contextual differences between content that is reached online, in a desktop format, to those, which are reached through a mobile platform. This though is just the latest in a string of updates and introductions that YouTube has vocalized in implementing.

YouTube new HTML5 Player

Just recently they implemented a small handful of 4K videos which were ultimately viewed as being a very small beta test considering many users were unable to even test it out – with displays that really haven’t caught up to the technology that YouTube was introducing. Similarly, they have been seen tinkering with various things to make the overall experience better on a day-to-day basis.


The experimental player also makes buttons and play options more simple to navigate by making them larger. That’s something that many users have been asking for. It also introduces a brighter color scheme that will allow users to have a better experience and see buttons more easily, regardless of their displays lighting. To take advantage of the experimental video player in your Chrome browser, download the “EditThisCookie” add-on. At that point go to YouTube and open EditThisCookie. The user will then see, “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE.” That can be clicked on, and the user will then have to change the value to “Q06SngRDTGA.” Initiating it isn’t that difficult, it’s just a strange process to have to go through to enable something that doesn’t really change that much. YouTube though seems quite excited about it.

Source: googlesystem.blogspot.com

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