HTC is betting on a Windows flagship device again, precisely the One M9 with Windows 10. At the One M9+ launch event in New Delhi, India, the company confirms the rumors swirling around a Windows 10 device by HTC.

Chia-Lin Chang, President of Global Sales and Chief Financial Officer, while replying to our question, said that they are ‘closely working with Microsoft’ and may plan a Windows 10 device by the end of Q2 or the beginning of Q3 this year.

We’ll see how the new version of the Windows operating system shapes up and where it fits in the HTC lineup.

To no surprise, the phone will be running Windows 10 and aesthetically identical to the current, Android-based HTC One M9. So, it could retain the perks of the One M9, complete with 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 810 CPU, BoomSound speakers and Duo cameras (love it or hate it).

HTC One M8 for Windows
In addition, the tipster @upleaks has already revealed that ‘HimaW’ is the codename for the Windows-powered smartphone by HTC, which will be a U.S. exclusive and likely to follow the same moniker as last year’s HTC One M8 for Windows.

However, there’s no official word on an exclusive for Verizon, but the US carrier typically stocks special variants from HTC. Hence, an unlocked version of the One M9 for Windows may see the light of the day this time too.

This also means that the Windows 10 flagships may start coming later this summer. So, do you have plans to buy a Windows flagship this holiday? Sound off by leaving your comment below.


    • The best part about these HTC phones is that these phones show Android it’s real place. HTC M8 WP was being made fun of before launch, but it ended up giving better performance, better benchmarks and better battery than its Android Sibling….

  1. My first smart phone was an HTC HD7. Build wise, it is still a nice handset. If Microsoft can flash their OS to an Android phone, then all the more power to them. I’m still a Nokia 810 on TMO that is running Denim thanks to the Insider Program and still love the OS. Simple clean and it does what it is suppose to do. The App eco system really doesn’t matter that much to me. The only think I find myself missing is a particular bank app, but I can still use the full web site, so it’s a non-issue to me.


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