WhatsApp has officially received a Material Design overhaul that allows the messaging app to look more like its updating counterparts, instead of something from a couple years ago on Android.

It is a big move for WhatsApp because for a few months now, as additional features have been getting unleashed onto the WhatsApp world, Material Design was steadily left out. The update is one that really provides a change where users wanted, and needed it most. They needed the design features to catch up with the technology, like the voice calling feature that was recently added.

Now though, it’s cleaned up and the app looks like it fits in within the entire Material Design world. It has the right colors; they brought new icons into the mix, and even provided simpler, and cleaner lines within the entire app. That’s something that users really wanted to see, and something that WhatsApp has finally brought to the table. Some have pointed to additional Facebook integration heading into the future but at this point its unclear whether that integration will be coming with this round of updating.


Perhaps a change will be made, or perhaps this is a precursor to more changes. Either way it’s something that will take little adaptation from users to get them to sit on board with it. The changes are welcomed changes, and the download process is fairly easy. Users simply have to go to the WhatsApp website, and they will be able to download the latest version of the app.

The color scheme change, the group chat layout change and the integration of simpler layout features are just a few of the things users are noticing as they update their app. It’s clear that WhatsApp is moving in the right direction, it’s just unclear how much change is going to be packed into this update when it finally goes live on the Google Play Store. For those who are looking to get more out of their WhatsApp messenger, they will have to download this update really to see all the benefits that are packed inside. The big point though here to remember is that an update to Material Design is a visual change, and less about the technical changes that occurred.

Download: WhatsApp for Android