Apple has added iOS 8.4 to the list of early releases for those who are within the fold as an Apple Developer. The company recently began rolling out the OS early in an effort to get feedback on issues that would eventually become outstanding on new devices. The beta testing worked great with iOS 8.3, and it gave Apple an opportunity to fix some issues that had become troublesome for users who were experiencing issues – avoiding some of the major problems people tend to have with massive updates.

However, the big update to iOS 8.4 is the addition of a new Music app. The overhaul from the previous design is one that goes beyond just physical layout, and really starts to hammer at some of the core issues that Apple will be announcing to change in June at their Worldwide Developer Conference on June 8th.

The major change though is the design feature. It simplified the overall feel and made it a lot easier to navigate. However, while those updates are nice, as well as the simpler method of making music available offline, finding recently added songs, and even developing a MiniPlayer, the big addition is going to be this summer when Beats is introduced as a new streaming service.

Apple Beats Music

Ironically though right now, Beats Music couldn’t be any further from the product that is currently in place. In fact, it’s essentially missing in action entirely. While that is probably intentional, Apple is going to have to work tirelessly over the course of the next couple months to deliver something that isn’t just average, or barely competing in terms of value to compete with Spotify.

It’s also worth noting that this is going to be a big move for Apple, and this is the first step in a series of moves that the company is going to have to make in order to prove that very expensive Beats acquisition worthwhile. If they aren’t able to then they will likely relegate themselves to the bottom half of the market as far as music apps are concerned, given that it relies heavily on music that is either downloaded and purchased or played over the radio.