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Pacific winds slowing down Global Warming through Pacific Decadal Oscillation


Global warming is slowing down, but it isn’t happening for the reasons that humans might like to believe. Instead of global warming slowing due to the lessening of emissions being created by humans – it is slowing due to the increase of Pacific winds. These winds are just enough to dry out the western part of the United States, and simultaneously lower surface temperatures throughout the United States to a point where it impacts the overall temperature numbers. These numbers are ultimately what are used to determine the overall global temperature, and in chorus with a few other aspects – are cooling the temperature on the surface.

This happens through a natural phenomenon, which is known as Pacific Decadal Oscillation, or PDO for short. It basically is a wobble in the Earth that causes a slight shift in temperatures that are recorded around the world. Since around 2000 scientists have begun noticing a slowdown in the global temperature, which has set off some alarms to point out that there could be a major change in the offing. Others have taken the study to point out that global warming isn’t happening at a pace that it typically does. However, it would appear as though all of that is about to change, as PDO is going to shift.

When it does, the global temperature will likely rise and the speed at which it happens will be quicker than what anyone had recorded previously. That will be a major change, and if people do not have appropriate plans in place – could push us into a period of time where coastal cities really begin to erode – should global warming not be stopped. This ultimately means that real plans of action have to be created.

No longer can science, or the general population sit back and say “this is happening, and it’s natural,” because the causes are anything but natural. In fact, they’re very unnatural and it’s something that people need to better understand while going through the process of dealing with global warming. The study, which came from the University of Albany in New York – points to the growing problem that has really just been saving us over the course of the last 15 years. That though is changing quickly.

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