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Amateur astronauts sent Doughnut to space, undelivered package returned


While commercial space aviation is being put on hold around the world, that isn’t stopping amateur astronauts from putting a doughnut on a balloon and getting it almost to space. That’s what happened just recently, and the doughnut traveled more than 20 miles into the sky, and provided some very impressive photographs of the move. The images revealed a sight that looked like something out of a science fiction novel, as the perfect doughnut seems to float peacefully up through space, attached to a weather balloon.

Alexander Jonsson who sent the doughnut into space said, “I wanted to send something that nobody had done before, that is why we choose a doughnut.” The entire ride was caught on camera and proved to be an impressive feat for anyone who is an enthusiast of space. However, it opens the doors to some interesting questions. Many have wondered how a doughnut could remain attached to its box, like this one did, while traveling up at that height.

The answer was relatively simple actually. It really just came down to the method that the individuals used to keep the doughnut on the box. Once that was achieved, then the box and doughnut traveled spectacularly into the sky. He looked for sponsors for the project, and he said, “Eventually I got two Mat.se and Air Liquide. Together with my brother Benjamin did we built the ‘payload box’ that would have the cameras and GPS … and the doughnut.”

Overall, this is one of the most impressive projects that have ever been pulled off and even though it doesn’t serve a great deal of cause to change the world in any major way – it’s a great way to remind us how even the simplest of scientific projects can be enough to spark the imagination of young people. That should really be held close here, because this comes at a time when organizations like NASA are considering alternatives to fund major space projects. This is a way to generate interest and excitement around something that otherwise wouldn’t have captured very much – with weather balloons frequently going up into space.


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