In an attempt to lure more users, Twitter has launched a redesigned home page that displays different categories that users might find interesting depending upon their choices. It now features trending topics that point to tweets from popular Twitter accounts along with a new search bar and a new way to login.

Twitter says the whole point of this design overhaul is to offer “rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in”, especially catering to visitors without a Twitter account or have logged out. There are about 125 million users visiting Twitter monthly without logging in. Hence, Twitter is trying make the homepage look more interesting if users like what’s in front the screen, they might sign-up.

The new Twitter homepage now features 10 set of topics on the left, including News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology & Science, Lifestyle, Music, Humor & Novelty, Arts & Culture, Fashion & Style, and Government & Nonprofits.

Twitter new homepage

In addition, in the middle of the page there are additional trending topics that also keep on changing. This would allow even users who are logged out, to check out the latest happenings by simply heading over to the Twitter homepage.

As of now, the new homepage is only available in the U.S and only for PCs, it’ll most likely be rolling out soon in other parts of the world. “As with everything we build, we’ll be making lots of improvements along the way so that Twitter’s front page continues to be informative, entertaining and relevant to everyone,” the company said in a blog post.

Off-late, Twitter has been struggling to attract new users to sign up. This small step should address the problem to a certain extent. If the homepage looks engaging enough for users, some of them might considering signing up and become regular Twitter users.