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Apple Watch knocked out Android Wearables with Over 2 million Preorders: Report


It seems the Apple Watch is already sweeping the stakes in the smartwatch segment. KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has been spot on with his predictions about the iPhone 5S, now predicts Apple’s debut timepiece has sold more than 2.3 million units since pre-orders began, MacRumors reports. The Apple Watch will apparently begin shipping on April 24th, though Kuo seems pretty sure that more than 2 million customers are already waiting to get their hands on Apple’s shiny new gadget.

As of now, Apple hasn’t revealed any sales data on its Apple Watch, and is most likely to make the information public not until its quarterly earnings report. However, this sales number is in line with previous estimates. Earlier this week, a research firm Slice estimated that there were around 1 million pre-orders for the Apple Watch on launch day.

“We estimate production of Apple Watch around 2.3mn units in March-May. Mass production of Apple Watch began in March and will likely reach 2.3mn by end of May. Considering that most consumers who preordered will not get the device until June, we estimate global pre-orders of over 2.3mn units, with Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition representing a respective order allocation of 85%, 15% and less than 1%”, said KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo also mentions that Apple is planning to extend its supply chain for its Apple Watch, targeting production of 2-3 million units per month. Though potential hazards in production could be the vibrators powering haptic feedback. He also predicts that Apple could produce 2.5 million units in June if production bottlenecks are negligible. Notably, he also mentioned that hardcore Apple fans account for the major chunk of the total order.


Strong initial sales of the Apple Watch is a major cause of concern for Google and its Android wearables. Sources suggest that Android Wear-powered smartwatches sold 720,000 units in the year 2014, which Apple easily went past in a single day.

Kuo also claims that Apple has decided to stick to TSMC to produce at least some portion of its upcoming A9 chipset, which is quite contrary to a previous report suggesting that Samsung would the new vendor for Apple.

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