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Apple Watch nearing 1 million preorders won’t show up in stores until June


Apple Watch owners of the future have been paying close attention to the news that has been making its way around the tech world. It’s now becoming clearer that the Apple Watch isn’t going to be making its way into stores for a very long time. In fact, some reports have even indicated that it might be as late as June, when the first batch of Apple Watches actually arrive in store, and are available for purchase in store. This has been something that Apple has been dealing with over the course of the last several weeks, but now that preorder figures are official – the demand seems to have outpaced supply in this instance.

Apple Watch preorders are nearing the 1 million-unit mark. At last check, estimates had preorders sitting at 957,000 units. Right now, global orders are expected to reach the 2.3 million mark – as we reach the beginning of summer. However, the future of the Apple Watch could have significantly greater implications, than just the plain order numbers and revenue that will obviously be gained from consumers buying the product.

In terms of computing, many have suggested that the Apple Watch might actually be the death of traditional passwords. There isn’t anything more unique than a heartbeat. Much like the fingerprint, experts are suggesting that the ability for users to authenticate via heartbeat – will be something that happens in the coming years. The long-term implications for traditional security would then be tossed upside down, but likely for a good cause. Using a heartbeat to maintain integrity within a secure platform is second-to-none really.

Another interesting note that comes along with the future of personal technology and computing are those questions about what the Apple Watch can do on its own. Well, the Apple Watch is actually pretty capable when it’s not with an iPhone. While it’s primarily something that goes “with” an iPhone, instead of being something that works by itself – the Apple Watch can do a few things very well.


For example, it can play music by itself without any trouble. While there are a few tricky steps – like selecting a source, and only having 2GB of space for music – playing music is relatively straightforward. It can maintain fitness stats, and run pretty much all fitness aspects of the device – without an iPhone. That’s important, given how it was originally billed as a fitness device. Both Apple Pay and Passbook work great on the device without an iPhone. So, whether you’re trying to check out your travel tickets – or just looking to pay for your morning coffee – the iPhone won’t be necessary with the Apple Watch. Alarms and Photos can also be accessed without having the iPhone, too. While it’ll work better with an iPhone for virtually anything – it’s interesting that the Apple Watch can do this – and also send texts and make calls. The Apple Watch isn’t the perfect device, but its something that can actually do a good amount on its own.

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