There’s no denying Apple has yet again pushed the boundaries of design and innovation with its latest 12-inch super slim, high-res MacBook, though one of its heavily criticized features is the single USB-C port. Largely due to the fact that it’s the lone power connector, implying owners of the new MacBook cannot charge and transfer files simultaneously. Though it seems, there might be way out of this. InfiniteUSB, a Kickstarter campaign aims at ending this dilemma with its simple and affordable newly announced InfintieUSB-C.

The crowd funding site has been campaigning for over a month now, and has drawn a lot of attention to its InfiniteUSB-C. The whole idea behind the InfiniteUSB is its male and female connectors along with an extension cable, which allows users to connect as many devices as they like. The design is inspired by the company’s standard USB cable first launched back in 2010. The cable comes in microUSB, Lighting and female USB options starting at $18 each. Though it is limited to the first 200, so interested buyers should get it as soon as possible. Moreover, they are ultra-portable because of its compact form factor and can fold magnetically.

In addition, stacking up a lot of devices should not lead to power issues, as USB-C can output up to 100 watts compared to earlier USB standards that was 10 watts. However, MacBook’s power adapter does not deliver so much output, though, still powering multiple devices from a single port should not pose any major problems.

Merely two days are left before the campaign gets over, while cables are expected to start shipping sometime in June or July.

While this can come in real handy for most laptops, it becomes all the more so for the new MacBook since it just comes with one port. Early MacBook adopters had no choice and were forced to buy Apple’s $79 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. While the MacBook is already an expensive device starting at $1149, and in all fairness Apple should have included this as a part of the overall package.