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Google Glass specs and other details finally revealed


If you have been wondering what exactly will be the configuration of the famous Google Glass, then your wait is over. Google has officially given out the technical specifications for the product that might start a new market segment real soon – the Google Glass.

When Google gave out the details of the Mirror API for Glass apps, the company also gave out list of technical specifications for the head-mounted device called Google Glass. According to the information provided in the list, Google Glass will have a 640 x 360 display which Google says is the “equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away.” The device also has a 5 MP camera using which you can record 720p videos and also has a unique technology using which you will be able to get listen to what the device has to say, so audio will come via a bone conduction transducer.

The device will also have 16 GB of internal storage in the form of flash storage. Out of this 16 GB, users will be able to use only 12 GB. And if you are worried about the problems you might have while trying to put on the Google Glass, then you need not worry at all because Google has taken good care of that as well! Google Glass will have adjustable nose pads in a frame which will ‘fit any face’ according to Google. You will also be getting extra pads in two sizes.

Coming to the most crucial part which is the battery, Google has not given out the battery capacity but says that the battery will last “one full day of typical use.” It is difficult to explain ‘typical use’ because it will change from person to person. So if you do a lot of video recording and use heavy apps then the battery backup will differ accordingly.

Google Glass can be charged using a Micro USB connector and supports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. The Glass is compatible with any smartphone that has Bluetooth, but the functionality will vary from device to device.

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