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Apple iPad 5 cases indicate a smaller and thinner device


The Apple iPad 5 is one of the most awaited tablet devices that is expected to make its way into the tablet market very soon. There have already been a lot of rumors about the specs and features that this new iPad 5 will have, and recent reports also said that the tablet will be much slimmer and thinner than the iPad 4.
The earlier reports showcased leaked images of the front panel of the Apple iPad 5, and now we have some new images being posted on the internet. This time it is not an iPad 5 body part, but the case that will hold the iPad 5.
So we now have the images of the front and rear casing of the iPad 5 and also have case designs which all bring us to one conclusion – the Apple iPad 5 will be much more slimmer and thinner than the current iPad.

It is already clear that the Apple iPad 5 has been inspired by the design of the iPad Mini, which has not only made the upcoming iPad look cool, but has also made it slimmer and thinner than iPad 4. This will certainly be good news for consumers who love the full sized iPad but are not comfortable with the weight and slimness of the device when compared to the Apple iPad Mini.
If the information we have is correct and Apple has finally found out a way in which the iPad 5 can have the same screen size but lose a lot of weight, then consumers will no longer have to sacrifice display space for bulkiness and thickness.
I hope there are enough watermarks on the images which makes it clear that these iPad cases are made by the case maker Tactus. These images show cases for both the current iPad and the next-gen iPad.
The images indicate that the next-gen Apple iPad could be what we have been waiting for, a tablet device that combines the plus points of the iPad 4 and iPad Mini. The only thing remaining now is to get a confirmation from Apple so we all could know that we are on the right track and also start making our shopping list. For that, we have to wait and watch, please hurry up Apple!

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