The next-gen Apple iPad 5 is expected to be 15% slimmer and 25% thinner than the current generation of iPad. We have all been waiting for the Apple to make the official announcement of the Apple iPad 5, but still there has been no word from the company.

Even though Apple has not officially given out any information about the iPad 5, there have been a lot of rumors and reports which already tell us what the next-gen iPad will be like. We have a similar report from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities who gives out his expectations from the Apple iPad 5. Let me remind you that Ming has been one of the most reliable analysts when it comes to Apple and has been providing correct information.

In a recently published research note, Ming-Chi Kuo states his expectations from the Apple iPad 5. According to his research, we can expect the Apple iPad 5 to be almost 15% slimmer and 25% lighter than the current generation of iPad. Ming also said that Apple will be soon starting the mass production of this new iPad and shipping should start somewhere around August or September.

The Apple iPad 5 is expected to have a thickness of 7.5 to 8 mm and the device will weigh about 500 grams. Ming also said that Apple might use the GF2 touch technology which is used in the iPad mini which will allow Apple to design a thinner display in the Apple iPad 5..

The iPad 5 would be powered by the new A7X chip made by Samsung and will take advantage of Samsung’s 28-nanometer process node. The tablet is also expected to have quad-core graphics and 2 GB of RAM. Since the device will be slimmer and lighter, there will be a smaller battery but consumers will be able to get an identical battery backup.


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