Recently, a new and unknown HTC smartphone showed up in the Chinese Phone Database, this new smartphone is being called as the HTC 606W.

Even though ‘HTC 606W’ is not the actual name of the device, there is a new question that arises here – Is this the HTC M4 that has been in the talks since some time now?

If you have not heard about the HTC M4 yet, then let me tell you what it is. The HTC M4 was said to be the version of HTC First that did not have Facebook Home built into the system. The HTC M4 is expected to be very similar to the HTC First in terms of design and performance.

It was said that the HTC M4 would have a dual-core processor, but the HTC 606W that has showed up in the Chinese Phone Database has a quad-core processor. This means that the HTC 606W is not the HTC M4. So could this mean that the HTC 606W is a new smartphone that might be made only for the Chinese markets?

We do feel that there is a possibility that the HTC 606W might never be available outside of China. We will have to wait and watch as things get more clear. As far as the specs are concerned, the device is expected to have a 4.5-inch qHD display, quad-core SoC, 1 GB of RAM, 8 MP camera.
There are many things about the HTC 606W that we still do not know as of now. Do check back later as we will be bringing more info for you.