Twitter has come up with a new music service that will change the way people find music. This new service is named #music and has been launched online and on the iPhone in the form of an application.

When Twitter took over We are Hunted, rumors started spreading that the two will soon be coming up with a new music service that will add another feather to Twitter’s cap. Now we have the #music service online and in the form of an app on the iOS platform. Consumers on the Android and Windows platform need not worry because the app will soon make it to these two major platforms as well.

The company says that Twitter #music “will change the way people find music.” This new service will track user activities across the Twitter network to find out the most popular music and also help emerging artists to gain more attention. Consumers will also be able to see what music their favorite artists are listening to. If you check out an artist’s profile in the app, you will see all the other artists that he is following and the songs (by those artists) he is listening to.

By the way, Twitter is not the one providing the music. Rather Twitter links you to one of three sources: iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. So if you are using the iPhone #music app, then you will hear previews by default through iTunes. If you are a Spotify or Rdio subscriber, then you will be able to listen to the full tracks by signing in to your account.

Twitter has also said that there will be more music providers and sources added to #music in the near future. As of now, these three are all that you have. The iPhone app is already live and ready for download. The web version can also be accessed at

There is a very useful section in the app called #NowPlaying. The #NowPlaying view will help you to easily find songs that have been tweeted by the people and artists that you follow on Twitter.
Before you try to check out this new service, let me tell you that as of now #music is only limited to a handful of countries which include the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Twitter has promised that more countries will be added soon and an Android app is also in the making. However, we have to wait for some time.