If you have been following the reports and rumors about the new Apple iPhone that will be available at a remarkably cheap price, then we have another interesting news for you. There have been images leaked on the internet which show the rear case of the cheap or better known Apple’s budget iPhone which has been made out of plastic.

These leaked images once again fired up the rumors about the possibility of Apple coming up with a budget iPhone. It was said that Apple is working on a low cost iPhone that will make use of cheaper external material hence reducing the overall cost of production. Here, when I say ‘cheaper external material’ I am referring only to the cost part, not quality.

We all know that Apple has always focused on quality and has always come up with excellent products. No matter how big or small the product, no matter how low or high the price, Apple has always paid a lot of attention to quality and performance.

Even though the company might be planning for a budget iPhone, this leaked image does not actually prove the fact. Simply the image does show us a Plastic rear case, but there is a possibility that the image is actually not true, someone might have made it up.

It is not that we do not want to believe it, but this is a pretty direct link, and if this is true, what we will bet on is the fact that this rear case will certainly be of the best quality possible (with respect to the price range).

The fact that the image has been watermarked with the name Tactus does add some excitement to the possibility that the image could be real. The image visibly shows the budget iPhone is less rounded than the iPhone 3GS, but is it really the case that we will get to see on the new budget Apple iPhone – we don’t know.
Will Apple really want to bring in a budget iPhone to get hold of the low and mid-segment consumers or will Apple aim for the high end top level consumers in the market like always?