Nokia seems to have plans to unveil a new QWERTY smartphone on the 24th of April. The company has not made any official announcement, but rather gave gave out a teaser image.

The teaser image actually shows us a small part of the new Nokia QWERTY smartphone in yellow. The company wanted us to know that the device will have a QWERTY keypad, and the image very well shows that as well.

Even though there is very little to see, the yellow colored smartphone does seem to be cool. In the image, we can hardly see the Z key along with the Shift key, but it clearly indicates that this smartphone actually has a QWERTY keypad.

The most interesting question that might come in your mind right now is whether this new smartphone will be a part of the Nokia Lumia Series. We do have some information about that as well. This picture which shows the yellow smartphone was accompanied by a blog post which confirmed that this device will be a product from Nokia’s Mobile Phones team, not from the people behind the Lumia series. We will have to wait for a couple of days in order to find out the exact details

The blog post also said that the official announcement of this smartphone will happen at 7am GMT, on this Wednesday.
So as of now, it seems that this new smartphone will not be a part of the Nokia Lumia series, meaning that a lot of consumers might not be interested in it after all. It is also possible that the phone might be targeted only towards the mid-segment users. Stay tuned, and we will get back to you when we get more details about the phone on Wednesday.