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Google to unveil 32GB Google Nexus 4 with CDMA, LTE at the Google I/O


Latest rumors indicate that Google is planning to come up with new version of the Google Nexus 4 smartphone at the Google I/O event that will take place in the month of May this year. The new smartphone is expected to be a variant of the Google Nexus 4 but with a twist.

if the rumors are true, Google will be once again announcing a 32 GB Google Nexus 4 instead of the Google Nexus 5. This new Google Nexus 4 will be different from the one that is already available in the market. This new variant will have both CDMA and LTE radios inside it and will also have 32GB of internal storage.

I know this news might sound a bit weird, but we never know what Google might plan to do. And just because Google is coming up with a new variant of the Google Nexus 4, it is not necessary that the company will not unveil the Google Nexus 5 at the Google I/O event this year.

The new Google Nexus 4 could in fact bring new business opportunities and might be able to attract consumers once again. This idea might not be the best one, but this is Google we are talking about. Is there anything in this world that Google probably could not do or achieve?

As far as the specifications of the new Google Nexus 4 are concerned, the rumor did not say anything specifically. The only information we have is that the device will have 32GB of internal storage. We also think that there will not be any major changes in the hardware apart from those that can make the new Google Nexus 4 better than the current one.

This summer is going to be an interesting one for all Google fans, the Google I/O event starts on 15th of May and will go on till 17th of May. The event will take place at Moscone Center, San Francisco. So if you want to check out these new devices right away, then be sure to be there. If you are not able to make it, then don’t worry because we will be covering the event for you.

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