After being released on Google Play Store, Facebook Home has crossed the 500,000 download mark within nine days of its launch. Facebook had recently launched the new Facebook Home application on Google Play.

It was the HTC First that first got the Facebook Home, but as promised, Facebook released the app on Google Play Store so that other Android consumers could download the app and get the unique Facebook Home experience. The app went live on the Play Store on the 12th of April but it was only available for a specific range of devices which include the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, the HTC One and the HTC One X.

If you felt that 500,000 downloads in nine days was not impressive, then you need to think about it once again. Even though we have millions of Android smartphone users, there are a very few who use the above mentioned high-end smart devices. This, in fact, shows that consumers are really curious about Facebook Home and want to try it out.

Facebook Home is definitely getting good attention, but the real outcome and popularity can be judged when the app will be available all over the world and that too for every Android smartphone that can be supported.

But as of now, if you have any of the above mentioned devices and have not checked out Facebook Home yet, then I suggest you definitely check out Facebook Home. Facebook is also talking with Apple and Microsoft to expand the Facebook Home experience on iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. So if all things go well, we will soon be able to use Facebook Home on iOS and Windows phone platform.