The Nokia Lumia 928 seems to be ready and all set for the launch. Latest reports say that the Nokia Lumia 928 will be announced in the Month of May. The Nokia Lumia 928 is the successor to the Nokia Lumia 920 and will be available on Verizon very soon.

If you thought that the Nokia Lumia 920 was the best smartphone from Nokia till date, then your opinion will soon change. Nokia will soon be launching the new Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone for Verizon in the month of May.

This new Lumia 928 is expected to have a metal body and will have a 4.5-inch display similar to the Lumia 920. It will also have an 8 MP primary camera and wireless charging just like the Nokia Lumia 920. Previously, sources from The Verge said that Nokia will not be using an aluminum frame for the Nokia Lumia 928, instead the company is planning to choose a thinner polycarbonate body.

Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia has also hinted the arrival of a new Lumia smartphone that is due ‘later this quarter.’ He said that there will soon be ‘a season of new product introductions.’ Elop did not mention the name Lumia 928 anywhere and he has also previously refused to answer questions about the model.

Recently some photos of the Nokia Lumia 928 have been leaked on the internet. The images indicate that the Lumia 928 will be very similar to the Lumia 920 and will also have a Xenon flash for the primary camera.

We are pretty much sure that the Nokia Lumia 928 will be released on Verizon soon. Sources say that Nokia has been waiting on final testing of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update. Additionally, Bloomberg also said that the Lumia 928 will be launched in May instead of April as it was originally planned. So be sure to check back soon, we will have some great news for you.


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