Samsung has officially confirmed that a Dust proof and Water resistant version of Samsung Galaxy S4 is on the way. The company said that it will soon release a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will not only be tough from the inside, but also from the outside.

This is definitely a good news for consumers who have always wanted a dust proof and water resistant Samsung Galaxy S4. I assume that there must be a lot of consumers who wanted to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 and wished that the device should have been dust proof and water resistant just like the Sony Xperia Z. So if you happen to be one such consumer, then your wish will soon come true.

Samsung gave out this information as an answer to the question asked by a journalist. When Samsung was asked why the company is not developing products that are water proof, the company gave an answer that was totally unexpected – a dust proof and water resistant Samsung Galaxy S4.
This move from Samsung will also give rise to a lot of questions and possibly a lot of unhappy consumers. Consumers who want to buy this new version will want to know about the changes and modifications that have been done to the Galaxy S4 in order to make it dust proof and water resistant, will it significantly increase the thickness and weight of the device?

At the same time, many consumers who have already ordered, booked or bought the original Samsung Galaxy S4 might feel disappointed and cheated. There is a possibility that many consumers wanted to own a dust proof and water resistant Samsung Galaxy S4, but knowing that the Galaxy S4 is not dust proof and water resistant like the Sony Xperia Z, must have opted for the standard model.

Are you excited about this new dust proof and water resistant version of the most powerful smartphone from Samsung? Will you opt for this new version or will still prefer to buy the original version? Let us know.