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Google X Phone running Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie score over 15000 in AnTuTu


It seems that the Google X Phone really does exist, and it has even scored great in the AnTuTu benchmark. Recent reports indicate that the Google X Phone has appeared in AnTuTu benchmark and has scored over 15,000.

If you have been following the reports and rumors about the Google X Phone, then this is one news that will really get you excited! It seems that the Google X Phone is not just a myth, the device actually exists.


The Google X Phone has recently appeared in AnTuTu benchmarks and scored well over 15,000. Reports also say that the device was running on Android 5.0.1 meaning that the device was running on the next-gen Android operating system – Key Lime Pie. It is interesting to note that the version mentioned was 5.0.1, the 1 at the end indicates that Google has made some changes to the original version. So this means that Key Lime Pie development is also progressing.

There has been no information given out about Google X Phone by Google. The only information we have had on the Google X Phone is courtesy of sources. So we really hope that this new device really is the Google X Phone.

Let us also not forget that the Google X Phone is not the first smartphone that has appeared in AnTuTu benchmarks. There have been a lot of unconfirmed devices that have previously appeared in AnTuTu benchmarks but did not make it to the market yet.

If you check out the above image of the Google X Phone, you will notice that the image really does not give out a lot of information and details. The only thing that we can clearly see is a new design from Motorola and the latest version of Android operating system. So even though we have got your hopes high, we do not want you to blindly believe that this new smartphone actually is the Google X Phone.

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