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LG to launch new smartphone with flexible OLED display this year


Recent reports indicate that LG has plans to launch a flexible OLED display equipped smartphone this year. So if you thought that Samsung was the only manufacturer working on flexible OLED displays, then LG has a surprise for you!

This is not just a rumor, LG is actually going to launch a flexible OLED display equipped smartphone this year. LG has officially announced that the company has plans to do so. LG made this announcement in a call during which LG was discussing the company’s recent financial results.

During this call, LG announced that the company will introduce a new smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in the fourth quarter of this year. The vice president of mobile at LG, Yoon Bu-hyun said that his division was working closely with LG Display to bring a phone to consumers. This definitely is good news but we still do not know what exactly will we be getting in the form of this new smartphone.

Flexible OLED displays are one of the most interesting topics in the world of technology today. Companies like LG and Samsung have been trying to bring new devices equipped with flexible OLED displays but have not really been able to come up with a product that can be taken to the production line. LG and Samsung both have been able to come up with demos and prototypes, but apart from that, the progress really does not seem good enough. It seems as if there is still a long way to go before flexible OLED display devices can be mass produced.

We really want to keep all that aside and look forward to what LG has to offer us. If LG can really deliver as promised, then we will soon be able to see the first smartphone that has a flexible OLED display. LG could really get the upper hand if the company is able to crack this. Let us know what you think – will LG be able to come up with a device that will amaze us all?

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