Latest rumors indicate that the Google X Phone will be unveiled very soon and the device will be offered by AT&T starting from August. So if you have been following the Google X Phone or the Motorola X Phone, then this is surely something that will interest you.

There was a time when we saw a lot of rumors and reports about the Google X Phone coming up on the internet, then there were rumors and reports which raised a doubt about the existence of the Google X Phone. Once again, we have new rumors which not only indicate that the Google X Phone exists, but also suggest that the smartphone will be available in the consumer market by the month of August.

So assuming that the Google X Phone does exist and that the device will make it to the market by the month of August, the next big question that arises is whether the Google X Phone will be a mid-segment smartphone or will it be a high end next-gen smartphone that will compete against the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and other next-gen smartphones.

Some rumors said that the Google X Phone will have the high end Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which comes with an always-on Voice Activation feature which will also be a part of the phone system. Other rumors said that Google is planning for a mid-range smartphone so that the device will be able to attract even more consumers, the Google X Phone was said to be a device that would be more than the average mid-segment smartphone and a little less than the high-end ones.

One thing that remains the same right from the time that we have been following the rumors and reports on the Google X Phone, is the fact Google has not made any official announcement about the Google X Phone till date. So no matter how many reports, how many images have been leaked, there has hardly been any response or reaction from Google.

Does this actually mean that Google is so busy working on the Google X Phone that the company does not have time for all these rumors and reports, is it possible that the actual Google X Phone is totally different from what the rumors and reports say? We will never know until Google makes and announcement or until the device actually comes out by the month of August.


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