Apple is all set to unveil its new version of iOS. Even though the company has not officially announced whether this new update will be the iOS 7, there is a strong belief that the new update will have a flat and simple design just like the one used in Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Apple has already announced the dates for the WWDC event this year. The company has also said that developers will get to see the new iOS at this event. Even though we cannot say for sure whether the new version of iOS will be iOS 7, we do know that it will have a very simple and flat design.

The Wall Street Journal has already published an article which claims that the changes in the new iOS 7 would be ‘pretty conservative.’ On the other hand, many other sources have said that the changes would be significant and will have a great impact on Apple consumers and followers.

Latest Report from 9to5Mac gives us some more information about the new iOS. The website was able to cite ‘multiple people who have either seen or have been briefed on iOS 7.’ These people claim that the new interface and general design of the next version of iOS will be “very, very flat.”

Many other sources also said that the general design “loses all signs of gloss, shine and skeumorphism” which are currently found in iOS app such as Calendar and Game Center. Reports say that the new iOS 7 will have a flat design, there is a lot more to understand and acknowledge here. This flat design aims to reduce unneeded textures and miscellaneous design features that are currently present in iOS.

The new iOS 7 will have a design that will actually suit the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in a much better way, and at the same time will improve the overall performance and look and feel. In order to find out how the new version of iOS looks like, we will probably have to wait for the WWDC to get started.


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