Latest report confirms that the Apple iOS 7 will ship on time regardless of the internal problems at Apple. So in spite of the problems, the next-gen iOS operating system, Apple iOS 7 will meet the company’s internal deadlines and will be available as and when planned by Apple.

So if you read somewhere that there have been a lot of problems regarding the Apple iOS 7 due to which the next-gen OS might not be ready in time, then this is the update that will calm you down.
Some unnamed sources have spoken with John Paczkowski of All Things D and have said that Apple will definitely ensure that iOS 7 gets completed and is released on time. The sources also compared the current scenario at Apple to the past when the company moved some of its Mac software engineers to the iPhone team to speed up the work.

It seems that Apple is in a similar situation this time as well, but the pressure is not that intense. A source reportedly said that Apple’s current efforts to finish iOS 7 are “not as much of a fire drill.” The sources also added saying: “It will ship on time.”

By the way, this new iOS update is definitely going to be big. John Paczkowski was told that the iOS 7 promises to be a “pretty big update” for Apple’s mobile operating system. And this big update will be showcased at the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, as confirmed by Apple.

There have already been a lot of reports about Apple iOS 7, and many of them said that Jony Ive, the lead designer for the project has made some “dramatic changes” to the iOS platform. The new design is expected to be flat, just like the modern style used in Windows Phone.

Now all we need to do is, somehow hold our horses and wait for the WWDC event to kick off. Be sure to check back soon, we will have a lot of cool updates for you.