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Google files a new patent for Google Smart Watch!

Google Smart watch Patent

According to the information provided by sources, Google has filed a patent for a new smart device – the Google Smart Watch. This new device has Glass like touchpads and functionality. We also believe that it might have a lot of similarities when compared to the Google Glass.

It has hardly been some time since Google unveiled the Google Glass. This new product form Google, the Google Glass has been the center of attraction since a long time now. Posts and reports about the Google Glass have been pilling up on the internet, and the popularity of the device is growing day by day!

Just when we thought that the next big thing from Google was already here, the company has another big surprise installed for us – the Google Smart Watch. So if you thought that Google Glass is everything that the company had, then it is time to check out the Google Smart Watch.

It seems that the Google Smart Watch will have a lot of features and functionalities that are present in Google Glass. Information provided by sources also say that this new device would include standard smart watch functions like a wireless transceiver, display and processor.

The fun part is that this device could also be equipped with two touchpads located on each side of the bezel. Using these two touchpads, a user can “pinch, stretch and scroll on a platform with limited space available for user input,” and would also communicate “with the clock line or data line.”

We know that all this might sound too much for a watch, but just wait for this device to go public and you will see what Google has been working on. By the way, if the Google Glass was not the perfect smart device that you have been waiting for, I assume that the Google Smart Watch is the one that you might be waiting for.

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