Good news for all smartphone consumers in the United States who are in love with the Sony Xperia Z. T-Mobile might soon start offering the Sony Xperia Z and might also be the only carrier company in the country to offer this next-gen flagship device.

Yes, you read it correctly, T-Mobile will soon start offering the next-gen flagship device of Sony, the Sony Xperia Z. This is not just a rumor or a news in the air that we have caught, there are a lot of points that support this statement and almost confirm the arrival of Sony Xperia Z on T-Mobile network.


If you are wondering how we are so sure about this arrival, then allow me to give the answer. There has been a new filing of the Sony Xperia Z in the ever-expanding database of certified wireless devices in the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). This new filing is consists of the Sony Xperia Z, the next-gen flagship device of the company with wireless bands for T-Mobile’s standard HSPA+ network and the new LTE spectrum.

So this filing indicates that the deal is almost done with, and we might soon see T-Mobile offering the Sony Xperia Z smartphone in the United States. Of course, we know that we all have to wait for T-Mobile to make the official announcement to start believing that the Xperia Z offer is real, but we also have another big point that supports our statement.

That big point is the fact that the FCC filing also includes a complete user manual for the Sony Xperia Z. So if you thought that the filing alone does not ensure that the Sony Xperia Z is coming to T-Mobile, I hope that the addition of a complete user manual adds to the point. I mean Sony would not just be messing around with the complete user manual, it is clear that Sony and T-Mobile must be up to something big (and something really good), and all the above points prove the same.

So we expect T-Mobile to start offering the Sony Xperia Z pretty soon. It is also possible that T-Mobile will be the only carrier to offer this smartphone. Stay tuned and we will be back with more updates.


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