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The next-gen Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display on its way


A new report from DisplaySearch says that a new refreshed version of the Apple iPad Mini is coming to the market by the third quarter this year. This information was given out by DisplaySearch in an update this past Sunday. If you wanted to check out the retina display enabled Apple iPad Mini, then you will be able to do so very soon.

There have already been a lot of reports which indicated that the Apple iPad Mini 2 is coming soon and that it will have retina display, just like every other Apple iOS device. But this time, we have some more information, apart from knowing that the retina display iPad is on its way, we even know when it will be available in the market. Even though this date is not final, we do expect the actual date to be somewhere around the third quarter this year.

The interesting part is that the report also indicates that there will not be one, but two refreshed versions of the Apple iPad Mini. The first is expected to come by the end of this year whereas the second will arrive by the start of the next year.

We see two refreshes coming. One in the second half of this year, then one in Q1 of 2014. The Q1 device will have a Retina display plus an updated processor,” said analyst Richard Shim. So we are almost sure that the Apple iPad Mini that will be coming in Q1 of 2014 will have Retina display and will also have a better processor. We are also left with a question that has not been answered correctly, that question is whether the first refresh that will be coming in the second half of this year will have Retina display or not?

So if you are interested in knowing everything about the Apple iPad Mini, then stay tuned and be sure to check back for more updates. We will be trying to get the answers to our questions.

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