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EvLeaks posted images of unknown LG Smartphone, Nexus 5 or Optimus G2?


One of the most popular and trusted sources on the internet, ‘EvLeaks’ has posted images of an unknown LG smartphone. There is a very good chance that this particular smartphone could be the LG Optimus G2 that as been in rumors since some time now.

Android fans and followers all around the world are already excited and waiting for the Google I/O event to kick off. The event will be starting in almost a weeks time now and will be held at Moscone Center, San Francisco. May 15th is the actual start date, and just about a week before the event, we get leaked images of an unknown LG smartphone.

If you are thinking that this new smartphone could possibly be the next Nexus, then I doubt if that is the case. The image does show a smartphone that is modern and seems to have a large display, but it also has the name LG at the bottom. Evleaks had something different to say about the smartphone. Evleaks posted a very simple question and a suggestion on Facebook, Evleaks wrote “G2? Just a guess…”

This makes us believe that this new smartphone might not be the next Nexus, instead it might be the LG Optimus G2. And even if this smartphone is the LG Optimus G2, we still have to admit that the device is really remarkable. It has a huge screen, small bezels, and a sheet of glass that appears to feature a comfortable curve on all sides. The device also has all the normal sensors, and another interesting point is that it has no hardware keys and buttons whatsoever.

We have two possibilities here, provided that the image is real and the smartphone design has not been made up. So this new smartphone could most probably be the LG Optimus G2 as suggested by EvLeaks, or it could be the next Nexus, LG Nexus 5. Let us know what you think.

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