Good news for consumers in the United States. Sony Xperia Z is now available for purchase at the US Sony Store. You can now buy the Sony Xperia Z for a price of $630. The price of Sony Xperia ZL have also been cut down.

So if you have been waiting to get your hands on the Sony Xperia Z or the Sony Xperia ZL, then now is a very good time to go out there and buy the device. As of now, it was only the Sony Xperia ZL that was available at the Sony Store. Finally, Sony Xperia Z has also made it to the stores and can be yours for a price of $630.

Finally, US based consumers can buy the next-gen flagship device of Sony, the Sony Xperia Z for $630. By paying this amount, you will get an unlocked version of the device in any color that you like – black, purple or white. These devices will only have support for HSPA+ 3G for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, there is no support for LTE networks. So be sure to make your decision based on the fact that your Sony Xperia Z will not be able to work on LTE networks.


If you do want to use LTE, then there is a good alternate for you – the Sony Xperia ZL. Sony Store is offering the LTE enabled Sony Xperia ZL for the exact same price of $630. This way you will also be able to get 4G speeds and will not have to pay a premium either. We suggest that you opt for either of the above two options only if you want to purchase the device right away and are not interested in the contracts offered by carriers.

If you are open to options, then be sure to check out the subsidized Sony Xperia Z and ZL smartphones offered by major carriers.