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LAPD Alert: Baby sea lion harassed, kidnapped from Dockweiler State Beach


Los Angeles police are now searching for a baby sea lion after reports surfaced that one had been stolen from Dockweiler State Beach in California. The witnesses to the incident said that the baby sea lion was getting harassed by a group of people – who couldn’t properly be identified – and that afterward the group then took the animal away from the scene of the harassment. The group included two men, and two women. Oddly enough though, the crime took place at 3am and started with the group of individuals throwing trash at the baby sea lion.

It took place in a parking lot, and has just been the latest in a string of crimes that have taken place in the area. Interestingly, this is something that conservationists have been pushing against in a major way. Some activists have even been going as far as to point out that beaches that are owned by the State of California need to be shut down overnight, and visitors asked to leave.

California has some beaches that remain open throughout the night and serve as 24-hour beaches. However, due to the fact that they are owned by the state, it comes down to a matter of protecting those who are there. They’re already protected and covered in a reasonable way – but many have even argued that lighting is an issue within these state parks or beaches.

If they are going to be kept open all night, then they also need to have proper lighting. That means ensuring that vandals, or worse, aren’t patrolling the beaches and parks – instead of law enforcement who could stop something like this from happening in the first place. This though is a part of a larger conversation that has been taking place when it comes to our natural world. As a whole, we have developed a skill for disrespecting nature in ways that previously hadn’t been seen. This is something that will not be accepted and in this situation – will have harsh consequences for those who did it. It’ll also provide ample example for a good reason to have the beaches shut down at night.

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