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Vampire squid LONG LIFE secret: Eat, Sleep and Reproduce


The vampire squid has a fitting length of life, according to new research exposed by scientists. Researchers have found that the vampire squid might actually have a more fitting name than anyone previously thought. The vampire squid likely has a reproductive lifespan of 8 years. Meaning that the amount of time that the squid is able to actually reproduce is longer than the actual lives of most other squids that live at shallower depths. This is an interesting twist on a story that previously hadn’t been looked at too much.

Now though, scientists want to know more. They want to understand how the vampire squid remains alive for as long as it does, and what that might have to do with the other members of the squid family. In all, this is something that has a very attractive character to it. It is interesting that the researchers were able to even come up with this because science, as it stands right now, doesn’t have a ton on the vampire squid.

The research wasn’t actually intended to determine how long the squid would live. In fact, it was a study that looked at the reproductive lives of the squids. That’s something that previously wasn’t completely understood. The information though that was obtained, became a two-for-one in the process. In learning just how long the vampire squids could reproduce, it showed the researchers just how much longer they could live.

That’s remarkable, mainly due to the fact that the vampire squid actually lives in harsher conditions and actually ahs more adversaries than a traditional shallow water squid. It’s important to note that in the end, this is a matter of determining just how much can actually be learned from this. As the research is still fresh, it’s important to also remember that there is going to be more research that can shed greater light on more mysteries surrounding the squid that has been referred to as the squid from hell.

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