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1,000-year-old Alaska house unearthed Pre-Columbus trade artifacts


Columbus might not have had as much to do with discovering the New World as some might have previously thought. New research suggests that trade was happening between Asia and the America’s long before Columbus “discovered” it. In fact, the New World as it’s been affectionately called, might not have been as “new” as its name might have suggested. The research suggests that centuries before Columbus discovered the New World or the Americas and initiated trade between European countries, and the new land – there was a significant amount of trade occurring between Asia and the Americas.

The team working on the excavation pointed out that, “We’re seeing the interactions, indirect as they are, with these so-called ‘high civilizations’ of China, Korea or Yakutia,” which sharply contrasts to the reports that previously existed that would have suggested trade was initiated by Columbus and happened as result of his interactions. This new research completely contradicts something that is so fundamental that it’s taught at elementary school level.

Bronze and obsidian seem to be the two major finds at the site thus far, and with plenty more research and excavation happening at the site this will surely be expanding as time goes on. Interestingly, this is something that can change the way people perceive our history as a country and even continent. The finds have come from the Bering Land Bridge site, which is frequently referred to as the one that looks like a whale is emerging from the water. This is something that has become a running joke for the researchers at the site, given the aerial view of the site.

Overall, this is an important find because it changes the way we perceive and look at our history. It gives us new notions of what our roots might have looked like at that stage and even goes into good detail to begin turning back some of the pages of the story. It’s not very likely that this information will be the last of the great finds that come from this site, and at this point – it’s always good to continue growing that wealth of knowledge as more information is revealed.

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