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Facebook refines News Feed giving more weight to Content from Friends than Pages

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Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will show more content from close friends appearing in the user’s News Feed rather than sponsored pages. The social networking giant has announced three major changes regarding the kind of content that will be displayed in the News Feeds, saying this was in response to the feedback obtained from users. This implies that the change in the News Feed algorithm will give more priority to updates from Friends rather than pages.

“As more people and pages are sharing more content,” product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors detailed in a statement, “we need to keep improving News Feed to get this balance right.”

The move is aimed at users with more connections as they can miss out on important posts from friends, often in favor of sponsored pages or corporate posts. Facebook has confirmed that this would be rectified and that users will see more photos, updates, links or videos higher in their News Feed, making it less likely to skip them and glance over it.

“Many people have told us they don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a post,” Facebook said. “This update will make these stories appear lower down in News Feed or not at all, so you are more likely to see the stuff you care about directly from friends and the pages you have liked.”


facebook friends liking or commenting on a post

Another change that is likely to enrage advertisers and draw support from users, Facebook said that it would relax the earlier rule that did not allow people to see multiple posts from the same source.

These changes are going to have significant impact on the so-called referral traffic, which includes articles shared via newspapers. The company is reportedly in talks with media houses to host this content in an attempt to target better news to specific users.

The goal of News Feed is to show you the content that matters to you,” said a blog post by Facebook’s Max Eulenstein and Lauren Scissors.

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