Microsoft today pushed a newer build of Windows 10 Tech Preview for desktops via the Fast ring. The new build 10061 is 2nd tech preview release within last 30 days, following build 10049 released earlier this month.

Windows 10 Tech Preview build 10061 is only available to Windows Insiders through the Fast ring and once again, Microsoft may have skipped deploying a new build to the Slow ring because of a long-standing bug of language packs. In fact, neither build 10049 nor build 10061 has pushed to the Slow ring yet.

The build 10061 comes with a range of new features and slightly fine edges than the previous release. This release marks the arrival of new Mail and Calendar apps on desktops, while both apps are already available for phones running Windows 10 Tech Preview build 10051. In fact, these apps are Universal apps and will be available on all Windows 10 devices. The duo supports Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail, IMAP, POP and other popular accounts.

The new build also unwraps new dark theme, the ability to resize Start Menu, lets you control the transparency of the Start menu and Taskbar and adjust the color of Start, Taskbar and Action Center. In Continuum changes, it improves the touchability of the Start button, Cortana, Task View, and the Notification area by increasing the size of buttons and making room for controls. Additionally, booting directly into Tablet mode is the default behavior for sub-10-inch devices.

Windows 10 build 10061

The Windows maker has updated Task View icon on the Taskbar and polished the window icons, the close buttons, and the thumbnails. Moreover, virtual desktops can be managed easily as new overflow behavior of desktops’ strip lets you access any of your desktops when it reaches the display limit.

As Windows 10 is still under development – likely to be RTM’d by the end of July – you may encounter a plenty of bugs. Microsoft has also shared a list of known issues for this build as well as fixes that were made in it.

Lately, the Redmond giant also released a minor update marked as build 10052 for phones to the Fast ring. This build doesn’t come with any new features except addressing some of the top bugs. Here’s the list of issues that are fixed from built 10051:

  • Flight mode can now be enabled.
  • You can now disable data connections.
  • MMS settings were lost after upgrading from Build 9941.
  • You can now download keyboards for additional languages.
  • An issue where the viewfinder in the Camera app gets composed incorrectly on some devices like the Lumia 1020.


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