AdDuplex has identified a new Lumia phone (RM-1085) in its latest monthly report on Windows Phone fragmentation. The phone runs Windows 10 on-board and can be one of the anticipated high-end Lumia phones.

The report of the advertising platform also reads that RM-1085 boats of a 5.7-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080). Right now, it can’t be confirmed if the phone is new Microsoft flagship, but it’s likely to be the successor of the Lumia 930 or Lumia 1520 as Qualcomm claims to power the 2015 Windows flagship phone with its Snapdragon 810 SoC.

According to AdDuplex Windows Phone Statistics Report for April, 2015, Windows Phone 8.1 now has 72.5 percent of market share followed by Windows Phone 8 at 18.3 percent, while Windows Phone 7.1 seems steady running 8.5 percent of all devices.

In addition, the report also underlines a strong growth of Windows Insiders who love to install a pre-release version of Windows 10 for phones. Windows 10 Tech Preview for phones user base has been increased by 0.6 percent compared to the last report (0.1 percent). The relative growth is the sign of greater compatibility of the new platform with almost all Lumia phones.

Windows 10 Tech Preview for Phones

The dominance of Windows Phone space is still obvious once again. About 96.54% of total devices are Lumia smartphones in the market. In addition, the Lumia 520 is still the most popular Windows phone with 23.1 percent of market share worldwide. Although, the report sees a slight decline in the 520’s share because it’s quite an old model now while the Lumia 635 largely remains unchanged.

In the European market, the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 have outdone the Lumia 520 reaching at 21.4 percent of market share.

HTC ‘working closely with Microsoft’, confirms One M9 with Windows 10 this year

Recently, Microsoft seeded build 10052 for phones to Windows Insiders through the Fast ring, which doesn’t bring so much to the table – in terms of features – but fixes some nasty bugs.



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