Twitter is constantly changing and constantly updating. Perhaps the biggest knock against the social network is the fact that it feels very overwhelming to some users. Those who either have just signed up, or don’t use it frequently – feel as though they’re left out of the loop – instead of feeling connected and involved. Being connected and involved is a big part of any social networking, since that is the goal, but Twitter has always struggled with that. That is until now.

Twitter has officially rolled out a feature called, “Highlights,” which will allow users to see content that they have missed within their followers. Whether that was a tweet that was very popular, or a picture that was heavily viewed – Twitter will now show users what they have missed. Gordon Luk, of Twitter, pointed out that, “Highlights, a fast and simple summary of Twitter, lets you catch up quickly on the best stuff that is most relevant to you.” This might look and feel like something Facebook has done though because it is something the other dominant social network has done.

This isn’t the first time that Twitter has gone through route, either. Twitter Highlights is something that users will have to opt-in to, if they want to enjoy the new feature.

To opt-in to Highlights:

  • Go to Twitter settings.
  • Select your account name, or Twitter handle.
  • Check the Highlights box in the notifications menu.

To opt-out of Highlights:

  • Go to Twitter settings.
  • Select your account name, or Twitter handle.
  • Uncheck the Highlights box, and any other notifications you wish to not receive from Twitter – and those updates will cease.

The hope is that this will allow users to become more engaged. One of the big question marks with users and investors that the company has been trying to answer is the one that asks about the worth of content on the network. After a tweet is a few minutes old, it could easily be buried within the confines of the social network. This is a way to make content that is old, but very popular, worth more and can drive the bottom line of Twitter further than they ever had before. This is just one example of the actions Twitter has been taking in an effort to drive the bottom line of the business and prove that they aren’t one dimensional. Initially, this will only be something that is available on Android. In the near future though, it’s likely that it will come to iOS, too.



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