Facebook wants to deliver branded content. The way the social networking giant plans to deliver that is through an agreement it has come to with seven different media outlets and brands that are willing to deliver customized content to Facebook. The idea is to expand what Facebook has been working on for some time. They’ve been working to bring more original content, and create a place on Facebook that is for original content. Now though, the focus has become making Facebook the primary destination for original content.

While news organizations have been wooed for a similar opportunity, it would appear as though they will need some coaxing before they actually work into the setup. The goal is to match customers and readers. Some of the names that are involved in this deal are publications like the New York Times, Vox Media, and more.

Facebook said in a statement, “While brands are free to work with any content producer on their Facebook advertising campaigns, Anthology publishers are Facebook marketing partners.”

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering better content to the right people. While all of the companies involved will be conceding a select amount of the profits to Facebook, it won’t be enough to change what could be a profoundly impactful move.

Essentially, this will be a move that will make Facebook the destination, and that’s exactly what Facebook wants. Moreover, publishers and digital content providers want it, too, because the company has so much power over advertising. Access is another thing that Facebook brings along with it. Readers and users that these companies wouldn’t have had otherwise. Now, this completely changes the game.

It’s unclear at this point how this will work out long-term. But, the roots are there for a long-term agreement, and if this venture proves successful, more companies will join them – and that will start a chain reaction that really will be hard to compare to, to date. Either way, Facebook will be profiting from this greatly, especially partnering with such big names – like Disney, Vox, and the New York Times.