WhatsApp has officially introduced their voice-calling feature to users running BlackBerry 10. While it came a lot slower than many expected it to, the fact that it came at all was still somewhat surprising. WhatsApp only came to BlackBerry devices a matter of months ago, and this feature was something that had been worked on for a very long time.

However, WhatsApp’s willingness to work with developers is impressive. Oddly enough though, the Facebook owned messaging platform still hasn’t come to Windows Phone, and that has many wondering why.

Since Windows users are still waiting for a version of WhatsApp that will allow them to make voice calls – this is something that the company has been pushing hard for a few months now. Updates have been coming quickly across most major platforms, like Android, iOS, and now BlackBerry 10. Call quality though is something that has been debated on a number of devices.

While on Android it appears to be strongest – iOS had the update recently make it to their devices – only to find that the quality was lackluster at best.

Watching Facebook control their Messenger platform, as well as WhatsApp has been a very unique experience. Facebook controls both entities; yet, both of them continue to grow at a nice clip – despite the fact that they’re essentially competing against each other.

They’re competing even more against each other than they ever did previously given the fact that Facebook is working to make Messenger a stronger standalone platform. Which it has done with relative success thus far, given the fact that Facebook has developed an online platform, to mimic their mobile platform.

The big question now though is how will the company compete with Skype, given that WhatsApp is morphing into a significantly larger platform than just simple text messaging.

It’s becoming a full-service audio and text chat service that will continue morphing and evolving. WhatsApp could continue to grow and evolve, and in the process actually overtake Skype as a full-service communication platform. That wouldn’t be much of a stretch of the imagination, either.

Also, WhatsApp Web is not supported on Firefox and Opera browsers.


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