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Apple Watch Week in Review: Orders, Apps and more


Apple officially launched the Apple Watch on Friday, as the first orders were fulfilled and arrived at customers’ doors. While the preorder period brought a lot of information, and a lot of entertainment for those who followed the Apple Watch launch from its inception to birth. Interestingly, Apple had quite a challenge accommodating all of the details of the launch, and even had to institute some strange rules – for customers hoping to get their hands on an Apple Watch. At this point it’ll be interesting to see how the next several weeks and months go, but right now is a great time to take a look at the last week, and everything that happened in the world of the Apple Watch.

Orders are coming, but they’ll be coming slowly

Customers who preordered the Apple Watch on the first day they were launched on April 11th noticed that the devices seemed to sell out and go on back order after just a few hours. For some versions of the Apple Watch – supplies lasted just an hour, or two after they initially became available. Apple pointed out that most orders would be fulfilled before the expected delivery or shipping dates that their website had been indicating to that point. However, with the latest delivery dates being pushed into June that means some users might not get to enjoy their Apple Watch for another month.

Apple Watches still won’t be purchased in store for some time

Apple Watch orders are being fulfilled left and right now, but that still doesn’t mean that the device will be getting purchased in the store. In fact, Apple has pointed out that until further notice, no stores will be selling the Apple Watch directly. This problem has only been compounded by the fact that the company clearly has some supply and demand issues that it hasn’t been able to work out yet. It’s not even entirely clear right now if Apple is going to address those supply and demand issues, or if they’re going to roll the dice with what they have until the next edition of the Apple Watch launches.

Apple Watch works with iPhone, but will do some things without it

Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory. That’s an important thing to remember at this point since it’s being viewed as a larger than life, piece of technology. It does a few things well on its own, like tracking fitness statistics, answering and responding to notifications that have been received through the iPhone – but by and large, this device is something that works great in harmony with the iPhone. This isn’t something that should be viewed as a standalone piece.


Apple Watch has had some interesting apps introduced this week

Some of the more notable apps that have jumped onto the Apple Watch bandwagon include Chipotle, OpenTable, RunKeeper, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Shazam, ESPN, CNN, the Huffington Post, MLB at Bat, NBA Game Time, the New York Times, Mint, Evernote, Uber, Delta, and popular social networks – like Instagram and Twitter. This list is going to continue expanding, and a lot of the offerings that the apps on Apple Watch are bringing are impressive. They bring an impressive level of creativity to them, as well as bring a lot of additional functionality to them.

Apple Watch should be tried out before purchasing, and will take time getting used to

The Apple Watch isn’t something that you’re simply going to throw on, and instantly be acclimated to. It will take the time to get used to it, and the Apple Watch is not for everyone. It’s something that will seem cumbersome to some people, and will seem entirely unnecessary for another group. It’s just something that has to be worked out, and the best way to learn if the $350+ investment is something that is smart is to get to an Apple Store to try it out.

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