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Google Maps is SORRY for Android robot urinating on Apple logo


It’s hard to tell whether Google is secretly enjoying their embarrassing moments, or whether they’re just that inept at handling odd situations – but once again, Google Maps has made a mess of itself, as the Android robot could be seen urinating on the Apple logo. While competition between the two companies is something that hasn’t just been tolerated, but encouraged between the two tech giants – this is just the latest example of Google embarrassing itself, when it comes to how it seems to treat Apple.

Most of the problems stem from users ultimately hacking the Google Maps platform to actually upload these inappropriate images. Earlier in the week, a Skype logo appeared on the Maps platform, as well as a large happy face. Recent issues like this have been plaguing Google Maps, and that’s something that isn’t good for business. This isn’t an area where Google wants to be showing off how little they can actually control, or keep their users safe – on the mapping platform.

Mara Harris of Google said, “We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly. We also learn from these issues, and we’re constantly improving how we detect, prevent and handle bad edits.” The edits they’re talking about are the ones that are ultimately Map Maker approved. Google relies on Map Maker users to actually create and finalize their maps. In this instance, the Map Maker “Nitricboy” ultimately has been responsible for a few different hacks like this.

Sending directions from Google to Google Maps is also easier now. Users will be able to search directions on their desktop or laptop computer and then send those directions to their mobile devices and have them synced across all platforms. It’s been one of the best additions that Google Maps has the experience, and, in this case, one of the more pleasant ones given how unpleasant the addition of several graphics have proven to be.

Google Maps remains one of the most popular mapping platforms anywhere online, so these changes are really ultimately welcomed, since they’ll make the platform stronger overall.

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