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DDos attack on Thirty Meter Telescope by an environmentalist group


The Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii is amongst the largest telescopes in the world, and has the potential to be one of the greatest pieces of scientific hardware that the world has ever seen. However, environmentalist groups believe that the telescope is actually doing more harm than good. The worst part is that the Thirty Meter Telescope actually sits on sacred land, that Hawaiians actually consider to be amongst the most important land in all of Hawaii, or at least on the Big Island.

The problem though is that the project was only recently halted, as scientists and researchers work to actually expand the project even more. The governor of Hawaii finally stopped the project in its tracks, but that took time, and that was something that was met with significant challenges by those who were working on the project. It sits atop Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island, and has become somewhat of a staple of distain for those who do not believe the project is in the best interest of locals.

It didn’t take long for a group of hackers associated with Anonymous to take credit for the attack, posting screen shots of their work from both the official Hawaiian page, as well as the project page itself. While no official has confirmed any of the details, it would appear as though the attack that took place was the more common DDoS variety, which plague a website or server with a ton of traffic. The surge of traffic is ultimately what causes the downing of the page or server, and puts the inflicted entity out of operation. In this case it put the project out of commission for the time being, and made the opposition’s position crystal clear.

Other than stopping the project temporarily, it’s unclear what Hawaii’s state level government is going to do about the outage, or the attack – depending on what they choose to call it. Either way, it shows the strength of these hacker groups, and how quickly their tactics can become problematic.

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