Researchers in Chile have come across the remains of one of the strangest sights they have ever seen in their lives. They have discovered an entirely new species of dinosaur, which has been named the Chilesaurus diegosuarezi. While the name might sound like any other dinosaur name, that doesn’t mean that the dinosaur is anything even remotely close to normal. In fact, it’s traits are so bizarre that scientists aren’t just calling the dinosaur “bizarre,” but also pointing out that it’s discovery has led to an entirely new category of dinosaurs.

The Chilesaurus diegosuarezi was three meters long, was a plant eater, had an incredibly small head and feet, and even included a horned beak – and as if all of that wasn’t strange enough – researchers say this was almost the equivalent to a modern-day platypus. Martin Ezcurra, the co-author of the study pointed out that, “It’s a new species, genus and completely new lineage of dinosaurs that wasn’t known before.” He went on to point out that the types of dinosaurs that would have fit into this category would have literally been seen on the opposite side of the planet – and definitely not in Chile. This is the first of its type to be found in Chile.

Alexander Vargus, the other co-author of the study pointed out that, “I honestly think that no paleontologists expected early theropods could have ever evolved into something like this.” He went on to call the Chilesaurus diegosaurezi “a fundamentally new body-plan within dinosaurs.” The find is an incredible one, and one that paleontologists and researchers will marvel at for years to come and really will be a defining moment for the dinosaur community as a whole to this point.

This discovery will most certainly spur more research and really will dive into the details surrounding this momentous find. It will be telling to see whether the dinosaurs will have any other types of dinosaurs join them in this new grouping that previously was nothing more than a myth.