Sony has officially announced that the company will come up with a new series of notebooks under the name Sony Vaio Fit. These new Vaio Fit notebooks will have touchscreen displays and will run on Windows 8 operating system. This new series will be a major update over the previous models, and consumers who have been waiting for something that is new and powerful will have something to look up to.

If you are wondering whether the Sony Vaio Fit is fit for you or not, then Sony already has the answer. The company said that these new notebooks are for “students and business users who are looking for a step up and want more of a premium design but still at an entry-level price point.”

A recent report from says that there are two variants of Sony Vaio Fit. The first is the regular 14-inch model which will have a display resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and will be priced at $649. The second is the 15-inch Vaio Fit which will have a 1080p display and will be priced at $699.

Apart from the standard Vaio Fit series, Sony will also be offering cheaper versions under the name Vaio Fit E series. There is a 14-inch model that will be priced at $547 and a 15-inch model priced at $579. Both these models will have a display resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

The Sony Vaio Fit will be the standard series whereas the Sony Vaio Fit E can be referred to as the economic series. According to the report, all these notebooks will go on sale by the end of May.

Apart from the new Sony Vaio Fit series, Sony has also made some changes to some of its existing series of computers. The Sony Vaio L all-in-one PCs now have hard drive options up to 3TB. The Sony Vaio Tap 20 (the all-in-one PC with a 20-inch display) and the 15-inch T-series ultrabook from Sony both now include Intel WiDi using which you can send videos to TVs that have a WiDi compatible receiver box.