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LG launches G4 with Snapdragon 808, Quantum Dot Technology to compete with S6

LG has arrived with their brand new G4 flagship smartphone and impressively; it looks like it could be one of the best Android smartphones on the market. Right now, the tech world is abuzz over the fact that LG has introduced a leather casing for the device. However, it should be noted that it’s an optional feature that isn’t necessary, even as the leather casing appears to be amongst the most impressive and durable features that have been added to any smartphone on the market right now.

The company took a total of 3 years to develop this leather, which would function as a case for the back of the device, and to construct, it takes 3 months. These two facts reveal just how seriously LG is taking this smartphone, and how much of an impact they want it to have on the overall smartphone market this year.

The LG G4 features a 5.5-inch display that utilizes Quantum Dot Technology, which makes it amongst the most visually impressive displays on the market. The resolution on this particular screen is 50% better than the LG G3. The LG G4 also features an impressive 16MP rear-facing camera. That might be the second most talked about feature that the smartphone is packing. However, the front-facing camera is impressive boasting an 8MP shooter. It isn’t just about being able to take a nice picture though, or having a fancy case on the back of a smartphone. This smartphone delivers under the hood, too, which is something that many questioned about this device.


LG says that even though they chose to go with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, it doesn’t mean that their device is slower than Samsung’s Galaxy S6, for example. LG did put a larger 3,000 mAh battery inside the LG G4, which means that it will perform well for a very long period of time without being charged, and the company also added quick charging abilities, which will make the devices charge at a quicker rate. These two factors will help accomplish what LG is looking to make happen.

Many people are saying that after seeing the LG G4 for the first time that the device is impressive right off the bat. It has a very modern design and looks to be one of the most durable devices on the market heading into this New Year for smartphones. The big question though stems from determining how well this device will compete with the likes of the iPhone 6, the HTC One M9, or the Samsung Galaxy S6.

LG G4 leaked photos reveal Faux-Leather back, 5.5″ Quad HD display, 16MP camera

It comes down to a matter of determining who is shopping for what device. On paper and under the hood, the LG G4 will be able to hang with any device that it is put up against. It won’t have any durability issues, and it will offer a very speedy operation, as it will be running Android 5.0. Everything on the device will be as modern as it possibly can be, and should be a very impressive device. LG shouldn’t have any problems seeing this device launch with great success.

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