Home Science Burmese Python ate 77% of marsh rabbits in Everglades National Park

Burmese Python ate 77% of marsh rabbits in Everglades National Park


Pythons took center stage in a study recently that revealed what their life might look like from a habit, and habitat perspective. While scientists and biologists have had a lot of information on the species for a number of years, some information – like the specifics of their day-to-day lifestyles – have been relatively unknown. That’s why this particular study is so interesting. The Burmese python was the specific python that was analyzed, and it took place in southern Florida.

The U.S. Geological Survey looked at the lives of Burmese pythons and noted how food and sex were primary drivers of their lives, migration patterns, and moves. Lead author of the study, Kristen Hart plainly said in a statement that the life of a python “has to do with food and sex.” At this point, this is just the beginning in terms of digging further into the lives of the pythons in southern Florida. However, this is something that will take further years of analysis to create a concrete bed of knowledge on.

Pythons were studied for more than 5,000 days just to obtain the information that the team was able to collect through this process. And that’s something that remains of the utmost importance. It’s unclear how this will impact things moving for Python studies. Pythons only first appeared in southern Florida in 1979. However, their presence peaked after Hurricane Andrew made landfall in south Florida in 1992.

Experts point out though that around 2000 the population figures began subsiding and were significantly less pronounced in southern Florida. This is just one of the many things that can be learned more about with studies like this one, which will give scientists and biologists more information on what things might have looked like for the species as a whole – as it began to subside.



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