IBM has been working on quantum computers for some time now. They have been working on improving the scale, error, and overall operation, to an extent that makes them second-to-none in the space. It’s worth pointing out that IBM is going to make a move in this space that’s really unprecedented, and now, the company says that the move has been made – making computing multiple errors at once, something that is completely within the scope of possibility.

At this point, it’s about understanding the practical application and taking the technology in places where it can do serious good. Jay Gambetta of IBM pointed out that it ultimately comes down to determining these errors, calculating them, and then moving forward is the resounding key to success. Gambetta went on to point out though that, “Now we’re getting to the point where we’re putting together and doing practical computing. It will be very exciting over the next few years.”

Quantum computers are the future. They’re widely seen as a futuristic choice that will stand as an alternative to traditional computing and servers. They’re quicker, easier to manage, and make better decisions from top to bottom. That’s what this is about at the end of the day. These computers though utilize qubits, and they’re very unpredictable according to those at IBM.


While they are the building blocks for these types of systems – it’s hard to make these manageable once they’re interacting with each other. That is when they become unpredictable. However, IBM believes that they can continue pushing this space forward by using the continued logic that they have executed to this point. They don’t let any challenges get in their way – and they keep pushing toward better computing answers.

At this point, the quantum computer is the best opportunity for a smarter tomorrow, and a better managed tomorrow, with the way things currently stand. It will be interesting to see how IBM’s findings work out over the long run, but it would be very likely that this continues to expand and get even more in-depth than it currently is. It would create an incredible space that would do well, in the long run, for business solutions, medical solutions, and much more.