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Apple Watch delays due to faulty Taptic Engine rather than its high demand


According to a report by WSJ, delay in the Apple Watch has come about not just because of its huge demand, but most likely a defective component. The component in question is the Chinese-made taptic engine, which mirrors the sensation of being tapped onto the wrist. The Cupertino giant has now moved on to a different supplier, claims the report, citing people familiar with the matter.

The taptic engine activates some of the key features of the Apple Watch, which uses a motor to replicate the feeling of being tapped or buzzed on one’s wrist, allowing users to receive notifications discretely. Apple discovered the defective taptic engine during tests before the device was released, implying there won’t be recalls for the Apple Watch.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the “taptic engine” manufactured by Chinese components maker AAC Technologies was found to be defective, breaking down over time.

Because of the issue, the company has shifted all of its orders to a second supplier, Japan-based Nidec Corp. It will take Nidec some time to manufacture enough components, limiting the pace of the Apple Watch’s rollout, reads the report published by WSJ.

The report says that Apple has declined to make any comments on the matter. Neither were the two suppliers AAC and Nidec.

The Apple Watch is the company’s first new device since the launch of iPad five years back. It requires an iPhone 5 or later to run its basic functions and apps, making it the first new product category under its new leadership since the legendary Steve Jobs. The response to the Apple Watch has been quite staggering, as analysts believe the company has sold 2 million units of the Apple Watch in just two weeks since pre-orders began on April 10.

Meanwhile, in a report not entirely related, the Apple Watch has been put through a torture test. Blendtec and crew are back with the ‘Will it Bend’ guy to put Apple’s latest offering – the Apple Watch through a torture test, or we would rather say a barbaric execution.

SIRI-ously, we have no idea why would someone do that or as to the amount of time the Apple Watch spent in the blender. For the first few seconds, it did show some mettle as it sustained quite well but gradually, it began losing its watch form and in the end what was left of the Apple Watch were smoke and dust.

SOURCEWall Street Journal
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