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Project Spartan’s official name is Microsoft Edge


Project Spartan will be called Microsoft Edge, the Redmond giant officially confirmed the news at its Build 2015 Developer conference. Microsoft’s corporate vice president of operating systems group, Joe Belfiore took to on the center stage to announce the news, also adding that Edge will have support for extensions.

As you all must be aware by now, Edge, formerly known as Project Spartan is Microsoft’s new web browser that’ll be shipped with all future Windows 10 devices. Belfiore also shared his insights on the philosophy behind the name Edge, referring to it as “being on the edge of consuming and creating.”

Essentially, Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer, which will apparently be also available on Windows 10, though only for legacy use cases. Only the Edge will be allowed to use new rendering engine of the same name.


One of the new Edge features that Microsoft particularly showed off was its New Tab page, which shows your top pages, apps related to those pages, a few of the featured apps along with some other information based on the inputs given to Cortana.

Another notable feature is its Web Extensions, browser extensions written in HTML and JavaScript. Belfiore also said that extensions could be ported from browsers like Chrome and Firefox with “just a few modifications.” He further added that the Reddit Enhancement Suite, a popular plugin that currently works with every browser barring Internet Explorer, has been brought over to Edge with “virtually no work.”


Testers have been playing around on Project Spartan for weeks now, which showed up on new Windows 10 Technical Previews Microsoft released for desktops and phones.

Microsoft has been trying hard to revive Internet Explorer in the past but to no avail. Finally, the Windows maker has decided to kill the project for good. The Edge will be the new defining feature in Windows 10, and certainly has features and extensions compatibility that hopefully gets Microsoft back in the game.

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